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blogging and work
now i have time to blog again, and from hereon, i'll make it a habit to spend a dedicated time to blogging. a lot has changed since I last posted here and well for the most, it's for good. problems are there, it's part of life and those are the things that we must conquer in order to be successful in life. face the problems and maintain a positive outlook in life.

there are of course people who wants to pull you down - crab-mentality, why are filipinoes like that? but it's their problem not mine, for me, concentrate on my career and life and move on. if they don't want to face me and tell every problem they have about it, it's their lost not mine.

in our company everything is very good, and the gaming community in general is doing good. more online games popping out here and there and western online games are starting to invade our market which is currently dominated by the Korean games (not counting FairyLand since it's Taiwanese).

Changed my name as well, now as Xue XIE, now GM'ing at Gunbound Philippine Service and is the admin at the Mobius Forums. Something they should've have given me back at my old employer but they don't trust someone who knows the inside-outs of Invision Power Board.

the GM layout is almost a year old, it's time to create a new one. I'm going to start looking for a good design, an inspiration, or probably create my own. I haven't created my own theme for more than a year already (coz of lack-of-time for the most part).

i heard someone asked "love life", my love life? well, it's very FUN. oh definitely, challenging and a very good experience. things I must learn, finally I learned them, people DO CHANGE and when they do, it's always for the better. now I'm engaged, going to get married next year or the year after that. at the present, we're concentrating on some pressing matters and of course the business we are laying down.

oh talk about promotion, maybe on 2005, it's still not the proper time to make an announcement. but cars? ooh yes, going to buy my first car, second-hand only, I'm not into cars, i'll just buy one out-of-necessity, not for 'pormas'.

i guess that's it for now, i'm freezing here at vitro... our office is doing a network maintenance so we have to stay here in front of the game servers... ooohh, did I mentioned that level-up is just around the corner? hehehe... old pRO, I miss it, too many games, I love World of Warcraft and of course GUILD WARS (the game that is)

Good Morning and God Bless to all.
(preparing to go to church)


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