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What happened?
I was not blogging because I am busy with well work "and" life. In addition to that, the guild I founded (BEFORE I GMed) is at a high-pace and I am leading it so I must not slow down else everybody is affected.

So here, I have a new entry in my blog and that is dedicated to the fans and posters at the tag-board.

First off, I am no longer a GM of pRO and neither am I working at Level-Up, Inc. I left the game and the company last 6th May, 2004 (which I will never forget as my life and love life went down as well [see, I'm a human like you guys]). I now work at a different company, a better one, far better to be exact.

But the game? I will tell you, I'm not that excited with Mu Online, and why? That's because it is still at the very early stages of development. Guess what?! Mu Online will ROcK the world, as the song says "We will, We will ROcK mU". Mu Online has lots of stuff in-store for YOU and you should just play and you will see for yourself. As much as I want to tell you guys, I can not for we want this to be a surprise to our competitors and all of you players and fans of Mu or not.

One thing, Mu Online Philippines or Mu-PH (NOT MOP - well we can use MOP as well like this: We will MOP all competitions !!), will be way advance than any other Mu franchise in the world. You will see things at Mu-PH months before you see it at the other franchisees. Can your game do just that? I doubt, as I and a lot of people will testify, most localized games are way too late in the updates.

Last but not the least, again, I am reiterating, I can not help you if you contact me privately, here in the GM-Blog. My own guild, they are NOT getting that treatment. I am pro-EQUALITY. This is my WORK, nothing personal, no special treatments, my own account doesn't even get special treatment !! My account was BANNED before! I do hope this is very clear.

I will only respond in-game and at the Official Mu-PH Boards. Of course I will also respond at PGC or the Philippine Gaming Community's Mu Online Philippine Boards (http://Laibcoms.com/pgc/. I will not reply in any other boards unless they can give me a special status or logo to "officially" distinguished me from the rest of the forum members. This way they will know I am an official GM.

Thus if you need help for Mu-PH, ask your question at the Philippine Gaming Community, in-game, or at the upcoming Official Mu-PH Boards.

Thank you and enjoy everyone!!!


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