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Philippine Gaming Community
You are invited to join the "Philippine Gaming Community" or "PGC".


It is for FREE.

What PGC offer is a Gaming Community for all Filipino who played any type and kinds of games and to all non-Filipinoes who are living in the Philippines. PGC was created by yours truly together with my colleagues to serve the Philippine Gamers and Filipino Gamers. PGC is not owned by any companies and as such is not bias to one company or game.

The Philippine Gaming Community offers lots of features and slowly more features are added to make YOUR PGC eXPerience memorable and unforgettable.

Please join and start communicating and collaborating with your fellow gamers here in the Philippines and abroad!

http://Laibcoms.com/pgc/ - Philippine Gaming Community (PGC)

Want to send an SMS to me?
Now's your chance! (open for Globe Suscribers atm [at the moment])

Follow these simple steps:

I. Register for the service (costs PhP 2.50 for Prepaid users)
1) type: c_reg_ (without < > ) and send to 2323

II. Setup your account
2) type: c_set_a_s_id (without < > ) and send to 2323

III. Send me a message:
3) type: to [space] xiaxue [space] (without [ ], < >, and the word space) and send to 2323.

I will receive your message and I will reply if i can.

I'll be waiting!

Long time no post!
Whew, time to post again.

Hello peeps! Mu Online Philippines or Mu-PH (for short) will soon start the Closed Beta Test. We are currently having a Closed Alpha Test and it's great, just great to be playing in our very own Mu Online!

In other news, SkyBlade: Sword of the Heavens started their OPEN BETA Test last July 1st and the game is great, I like it. One thing is because it's not a Western themed MMOG but instead it's Asian themed and it's specifically Chinese oriented! Martial Arts!!

Also there will be the Philippine Fairyland, another MMOG that will soon launch here in the Philippines, the distributor? Alta Multimedia Ltd, a Hong Kong company. And there is Tantra Online which will be localized by ABS-CBN interactive. And let's not forget Aglaia Online which is far better than Ragnarok Online :p (no I'm not being biased here, it's the plain truth!)

Anyway, watch our for the Big Bang of Mu-PH! VERY VERY SOON!

I won't use Yukino at Mu-PH :p Here's a clue: My name still means "Snow".


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