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I am very touched by your testimonials. Thank you all thank you all. You made me happy with your testimonials even though my life is not that happy right now :(( (waaahhhh) (read my personal blog: http://Laibcoms.com/Laibeus/).

There's nothing I can give you but a much more better GM-Yukino XIE and I'll stay as is, the Yukino XIE you liked and loved. As I always say, I am also a player and thus I know how you feel and how you think (I'm as vocal and a whiner like you guys ;p [and an a**hole as some people say]). I am no different from you guys, that's my new GM Motto :D

Thanks again! My humblest thank you to all of you!

xie xie ni!!!

(Don't forget to sign my guestbook as well...)

GM-Yukino XIE
(Laibcoms / Laibeus Lord / JC John Sese Cuneta / XIE, Shixi)

GM-Yukino XIE's Friendster: GameMaster@gmail.com or http://www.friendster.com/user.jsp?id=8442660


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