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What a day, have to do a lot of work in preparation for well, secret for now. It's fun actually, it's what I enjoy, that's the basic thing, "enjoyment".

Anyway, have to do my other job as GM, no not GameMaster but "Guild Master". I recently retired (or more accurately, lay-low) from Philippine Ragnarok Online as a "player". I've been into the MMOG scene for what 13 years already and it's time to move on once again.

In the other forums (which I will not mention for fairness), the guild, Holy Order of the Light is being attacked (for the lack of word) because their Guild Master is a GameMaster. I told this once, twice, thrice, I will tell this again, and even tell it forever as long as I have two faces. The Holy Order of the Light is NOT receiving any special treatments and cheating from me. It is my policy as someone who "works" and as a "GameMaster" to treat every player fair and square. I am a a "player" just like everyone of you and I KNOW how it feels to see a guild's guild master to be a GameMaster. I understand you all and I do not blame you, but this I am telling you, as a PLAYER "AND" as a GameMaster, I HATE CHEATING IN MMOGs.

I play your game guys, I don't want other guilds to be different because they are cheating through GameMaster contacts or whatever, I despises such actions. I kick members who do not respect me as a "person" who needs to work. My guild, the Holy Order of the Light knows that and that's our deal - No Special Treatment.

I hope once again this will clear things out. I know we can not satisfy everyone but it never hurt to try. The important thing is we tried, we gave a chance.

If you have problems with me as being a GameMaster and a Guild Master as the same time, then talk to me, my GM YM is: GameMaster_Yukino. I'll be happy to hear from your side and work things out.

Btw, we are strict with our membership, we don't approve applicants who applied just because there is a GameMaster in the guild. If you want to join us, join us "neatly" and "clean" of any hidden agendas.

Thank you.

It is a public knowledge that I am a Guild Master of the guild Holy Order of the Light and a GameMaster as well. And I DO NOT DENY IT and NO ONE in the Holy Order will DENY IT. If you found an HOL member who did, show us or me a proof and we'll take proper actions.

Also if you see Holy Order members who are boasting about the guild "because" his/her guild master is a GameMaster, show us or me a proof and we'll take proper actions IMMEDIATELY. We do NOT tolerate such actions.

xiao xiao


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