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Thursday, June 24, 2004
Geek Test
Here at the office we all took the Geek Test found at: http://www.innergeek.us/geek.html

My result?

66.07495% - Geek God

I'm not expecting that, what I was expecting was a level below that... oh well, that's the result what can I do?


I, my friends, and my Sugar went to RWC last June 19 and 20, 2004 (Saturday and Sunday).

We had fun, we cheered for the Chaos server (since majority of us are Chaos players) and went to the "Meet the GM" booth ^_^

The second day, I went with my Sugar and introduce her to my office mates (who will be her office mates soon ^_^) and left early after the Chaos team won and watched the movie "Chronicles of Riddick" at GreenBelt 3 Cinema.

We ate afterwards and went home :P

Thursday, June 17, 2004
See You @ RWC Philippines!
I and the other GMs will be at the RWC-Philippine Finals. We will watch and have a gimmick together with out friends and love ones.

Let's cheer for the teams especially to the guild that will represent the Philippines in the International Competition!


Also, I invite everyone to join the International Forums at http://forums.Laibcoms.com see ya there!

Wednesday, June 09, 2004
Mobius, AE Hiring!!!
Mobius, the most anticipated provider of online games and the exclusive licensee of MU Online in the Philippines is now searching for qualified individuals for the Account Executive position.

Qualifications are as follows:
- Bachelors Degree holder of any 4 yr course
- At least 1 yr field experience in SALES
- Familiar with the Internet and Gaming Cafe Industry
- A team player
- Self Starter

If you think you have what it takes, kindly submit your most updated resume via email to nikolai@mobius.ph or visit us at the 8th flr, Net One Center, 26th Street cor. 3rd Avenue, Crescent Park West, Fort Bonifacio Global City.

DEADLINE for SUBMISSION is June 15, 2004

Defaced and GM YM
The site I'm hosted at was defaced-attacked yesterday. Gladly, I have all the files at my hard disk and was able to quickly restore the affected files and inform my host.

Well, I want to inform everyone that I now have a GM YM by popular request. My GM YM is: GameMaster_Yukino

A simple request tho, if I'm working please wait for a reply :) I'll reply even with a dot (.) if I can after my work :) okie?

Thank you all. Mu-PH Closed Beta will start very soon!


Thursday, June 03, 2004
I am very touched by your testimonials. Thank you all thank you all. You made me happy with your testimonials even though my life is not that happy right now :(( (waaahhhh) (read my personal blog: http://Laibcoms.com/Laibeus/).

There's nothing I can give you but a much more better GM-Yukino XIE and I'll stay as is, the Yukino XIE you liked and loved. As I always say, I am also a player and thus I know how you feel and how you think (I'm as vocal and a whiner like you guys ;p [and an a**hole as some people say]). I am no different from you guys, that's my new GM Motto :D

Thanks again! My humblest thank you to all of you!

xie xie ni!!!

(Don't forget to sign my guestbook as well...)

GM-Yukino XIE
(Laibcoms / Laibeus Lord / JC John Sese Cuneta / XIE, Shixi)

GM-Yukino XIE's Friendster: GameMaster@gmail.com or http://www.friendster.com/user.jsp?id=8442660

What a day, have to do a lot of work in preparation for well, secret for now. It's fun actually, it's what I enjoy, that's the basic thing, "enjoyment".

Anyway, have to do my other job as GM, no not GameMaster but "Guild Master". I recently retired (or more accurately, lay-low) from Philippine Ragnarok Online as a "player". I've been into the MMOG scene for what 13 years already and it's time to move on once again.

In the other forums (which I will not mention for fairness), the guild, Holy Order of the Light is being attacked (for the lack of word) because their Guild Master is a GameMaster. I told this once, twice, thrice, I will tell this again, and even tell it forever as long as I have two faces. The Holy Order of the Light is NOT receiving any special treatments and cheating from me. It is my policy as someone who "works" and as a "GameMaster" to treat every player fair and square. I am a a "player" just like everyone of you and I KNOW how it feels to see a guild's guild master to be a GameMaster. I understand you all and I do not blame you, but this I am telling you, as a PLAYER "AND" as a GameMaster, I HATE CHEATING IN MMOGs.

I play your game guys, I don't want other guilds to be different because they are cheating through GameMaster contacts or whatever, I despises such actions. I kick members who do not respect me as a "person" who needs to work. My guild, the Holy Order of the Light knows that and that's our deal - No Special Treatment.

I hope once again this will clear things out. I know we can not satisfy everyone but it never hurt to try. The important thing is we tried, we gave a chance.

If you have problems with me as being a GameMaster and a Guild Master as the same time, then talk to me, my GM YM is: GameMaster_Yukino. I'll be happy to hear from your side and work things out.

Btw, we are strict with our membership, we don't approve applicants who applied just because there is a GameMaster in the guild. If you want to join us, join us "neatly" and "clean" of any hidden agendas.

Thank you.

It is a public knowledge that I am a Guild Master of the guild Holy Order of the Light and a GameMaster as well. And I DO NOT DENY IT and NO ONE in the Holy Order will DENY IT. If you found an HOL member who did, show us or me a proof and we'll take proper actions.

Also if you see Holy Order members who are boasting about the guild "because" his/her guild master is a GameMaster, show us or me a proof and we'll take proper actions IMMEDIATELY. We do NOT tolerate such actions.

xiao xiao

Wednesday, June 02, 2004
GM-Chaos - phil_gm_chaos
GM-Enkeli - gm_enkeli
GM-Yukino XIE - GameMaster_Yukino

Add us :D

Just a note, if we are on shift, we might not be able to reply to you. Also, this is for chatting not for "reporting". Hope this is clear.



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