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Here are the updates:

Friendster, MySpace, Hipstir, Pinoyster account is now GameMaster@gmail.com.

Sorry for those who added me at Friendster but you have to re-add me again.

you can contact me at GameMaster@gmail.com but NO REPORTS or REQUESTS of any nature that are related for being a GM of a certain game, currently pRO. Thank you for understanding. (Use the CustCare please or wait for me in-game.)

New links and useful ones ;P Also check out the new recommended MMOGs, I gave out some clues ;p (yah, soon to be localized MMOGs) (I'm playing the other MMOGs if you haven't noticed it yet).

And taran! The special effects for IE compatible browsers only (sadly). I hope other browsers will support it.

Here's how:

go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced -> then check "Enable Page Transitions"

Then just reload the page. Then click a link or two, and voila! the special effects.

Want me to teach you how to do it? I'll try, I'm new to it as well.

Well, have to update my other blog.


Good Evening to all of you.


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