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HB is good, you gotta watch it.

I find it good as this is the first time I learned about the old concepts of gods and space. In HB as it is a classic comic of Dark Horse, the concept of gods being trapped in space is well really old and classic. The gods are trapped somewhere and in HB they were trapped in "space", yes the space as we know it where Captain Catherine Janeway and the others roam and explore. In that time, space is viewed as a "jail" or "trap" for these "gods" be it they are good or evil, once they are there they won't be able to get back.

What's more, they need someone to open up a portal for them so that they can get back to the planet they used to try to conquer. I mean in the first place, they are "gods". In all those millenia's passed, they might have reached Planet Earth by travelling the vastness of space (if they're the kind of gods without a teleportation power). But here, in the early days of space and gods, they were "trapped" and there's no way to travel back to Earth.

Watch it, although the title is kinda somewhat "devilish", it is not "evil". In fact if you think about it more deeply, it is showing that no matter how evil you may be, there is still something good in you, a miracle may happen that will turn you to side with the good, with the Light. That refers to human beings, of course in reality, these "demons" won't turn back to the Light anymore. Hellboy was or is a representation of us humans. We are very evil in nature, we were corrupted, let's face and accept that fact, but there will always be hope and miracles. Just like Red himself, he sided with the Humans.

That is "Hellboy".


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