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Greetings to all the players,

It is I, GM-Yukino, officially writing to you now to answer your most asked question, "Who are you GM-Yukino in-real-life?", "What's your sex?"

Before I answer those questions I would like to make things clear with you first.

1) This is a personal blog for my experiences as a GM, IMM, and DM since wayback in my High School days (1993).
2) You will not find any "inside" informations here.
3) I will not entertain complaints, questions, and related materials in my blog.
4) I am a human being like you.
5) I am a Player like you all.
6) I am only doing my job as a GM when I'm at the office, no hurt feelings, no offense.
7) Do not flame my guild. Again, I will not entertain game related questions in our guild's site, forum, and email addresses.
8) Same rule applies to all the other sites I maintain, emails I have, and forums I own and participate. Let's respect each other and honour each other's job.

Now to answer the ultimate question: "What is your ASL GM-Yukino?"

I'm 22 years old, Straight Male, and lives here in the Philippines - the Pearl of the Orient Seas.

For sure you are now asking why "Yukino"?

Obviously I like "Gate Keeper of Snow, Houjo Yukino". I want my GM to have a "secret" sex, and the bottomline, since I came from MOGs or MUDs as more commonly known, it was my belief that GMs for MMOGs must keep their identities secret as well and thus with a female name and a male sprite, I can hide my sex IRL (In-Real-Life).

I can hear those who are reacting, "you talk like a girl!" Until now I really can't believe it, do I really talk like a girl? Do I really relate to you in-game like a woman? I don't know, seriously please tell me the signs that made you think I'm a lady IRL please. I'm a straight male that for sure. I respect the players because I am a Player myself. I know how you feel, I know how you react, I know how you think so I talk like that. Secondly, I'm just being myself when I'm GMing, again, I'm a straight guy.

Wait... I can hear people shouting, "special Holy Order! Their founder is a GM!"

Let me tell you this straight: There are countless members of the Holy Order of the Light that was hack, scammed, got their characters deleted, lost items, rollbacks, whatever everybody is complaining, I never ever gave them ANY special treatment. Yes they report to me but I always tell them, "report it to the customer care". I also made an agreement with the Holy Order that I will not give them any special treatment and that they should not expect anything from me as a GM of pRO. With that, we lived together, played together, fair-and-square.

I do hope that this matter is clear. There might be rumours that will start to roam once more players read this statement of mine. Believe those rumours if you want. It is your opinion and no one should stop anyone from expressing their opinions. Just that let's respect and honour each other.

I hope the friends that GM-Yukino made will always be GM-Yukino's friend or even be my friend.

Finally, I "suggest" you regularly check this blog. I have something to post here soon.

(XIE Shixi)

GM Names:
Branchala in Ansalon MUD (base from DragonLance)
Yukino (first appeared in Philippine Ragnarok Online)


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