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One Player Makes a Big Difference just as the many combined
It's a whole new day. I went to the office, usual routine, logged-in, checked on my company email, replied to emails, checked documents, updated documents, think, make decisions, then check on the worlds of Fenrir and Chaos. Sadly, some parts of Chaos are not working well. The servers have to be rebooted, rechecked, rebooted, well I don't know what's happening so I just have to pacify the players and explain to them computer stuffs like why they breakdown and all that.

You know these players who keep on flooding, who keep on well complaining, they are humans as well, they have brains. They do understand once someone explain it to them. In the first place how would they understand if no one bothers to explain it to them? That's where I'm best at. Since last year, players will testify that I do listen, I do understand, I do my best to help them and explain and let them understand the two sides - the company and the players - side-by-side. That's pacifying. I may not be able to pacify thousands, but those few will spread the word and through word-of-mouth knowledge will be passed on.

One player counts a lot. I will take time to understand that one player, sit, and talk with that one player than to talk to "all" the players. That one player can testify for the truth. Just that one player will make a big difference.

You, me, him, her, we, ALL of US are players and thus we should thank ourselves, one has power like the many.

Thank you to YOU, to me, to All of Us, the players.


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