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Once again the almighty troll has something to say.
For the record:

troll: Just because you write the blog in english doesn't mean you're good and/or proficient at it, moron. Learn your tenses and punctuation, and GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELF

Forgive me oh great master of the English language for failing thy expectations. I am not that good in thine language perhaps thou can (start to) teach me to be "proficient" in thine own language sire? I always wanted to be as "proficient" as thou art sire troll and if thou wilt not teach this "moron" how to speak like thee, I will always be a shame to thee for thou art the great English linguist and I speak thy language.

Mr. troll, whoever you are I greatly appreciate your comments and as evidence I did not delete your posts in the tag-board. I do not know why you are using the name "troll" maybe you are a "troll" (thank God I'm not and the rest of us here). It is my belief that everybody has rights to speak out and say what they want especially here in the internet and thus feel free to bash out if that is your satisfaction, objective, and goal in life.

Do I know you personally? Have we met? In-Real-Life or online? Maybe you can give me some informations as to why you made it your goal to lash out on other people's English? Ah no, "my English"? Did I do something to you that pissed you off? Are you really the almighty English speaker in the world that everybody should bow to? If you are then why don't you teach or people? Like me I am only a shame to your great English language.

I'll bet many of you have read the ROEmpire iRO-pRO incident (specially if you are a ragnaboarder as well). If you followed it you will noticed some points made in the exchange of "words" (and not "brain"). Many Filipinos, sadly to say, have a wide-open mouth, fast-typing fingers, and no brains. I am not generalizing but that's what you will see if you participate in many online communities and visit different websites. You will see Filipinos criticizing other people's "English". They will openly discriminate other people and races. In RO Empire alone, I've read posts where these Filipinos told the Americans they suck in English. Maybe what they are saying is true, but in the words of one American, speaking in a correct grammar is not important, what is important is you were able to present your idea, your message, your point. And I strongly agree to that.

Why? Not because I myself is not good in English but because of my experiences. I've been in the internet scene since the Philippines first got connected (via an ISP subscription to AT&T) way back in 1990 (yes, I've been using the Internet since then). I've played Online-Games, chat, participated in Newsgroups, beta tested yahoo, egroups, and lot others. Through those exposures (if you will), I was able to meet other "English" speakers in the world. During those times my English is really bad, I mean reallybad.

Did they criticized me for that? No. Why? Because they know that grammar is not important and not everyone can be good in everything. They understood me, I understood them, that IS what's important. Hey, at first I myself can not understand them, for example, they always type "than" as "then": "Other then". I tried to figure that out myself, asking is my last option. I figured out that they pronunced "than" as "then" in American English. Since then, I can easily understand them, and I learned to cope up and understand other people.

Yes they are funny, I myself is guilty of criticizing other people's English one time or another, like the Koreans. But all those are for fun not to offend. If you want to make fun with my English then you are welcome, I will even create a blog or a site for you at my own server if you want, just ask me and I'll do it for you. The title could be (if I may suggest Mr. troll) "Laibeus Lord/GM-Yukino's EngRish Carabao". How's that? Or maybe you have a better idea?

You know Mr. troll, it's a shame that you are a "proficient" English speaker, it's really a complete shame for you and the rest of the Filipino community. First you are selfish. You keep your knowledge to yourself so that you're the only one who can speak "proficiently". Second, you are hot-headed for someone who can speak "proficiently" in English. And the most important of all, you use street words.

If you are really that "good" and/or "proficient" why don't you teach other people to be like you instead of slapping them? You would have got respect and honour from the other people if only you don't use street words. Most good and/or proficient English speakers use professional words or civilized words not street words. It's a total waste for you.

And don't hide behind the name of troll unless you are really a troll. If you are going to criticize other people, put your real name and address. That IS what a real criticizer is, they don't hide behind fictitious names or handles.

Thank you once again Mr. troll and I'm looking forward that you act more maturely and be bold not hide in your coward's dungeon. Your comments are well appreciated. I will do my best to improve my English and be as good as you are, no wait, surpass you in your proficiency (if I can).

GM-Yukino XIE �
(RN: JC John SESE Cuneta, a proud family member of the XIE Clan [one of the largest family clan in the world].)


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