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Ok I decided to open up the Laibcomsal Boards to all of you.

Laibcomsal means Universal in the "simplest" explanation. In a long and deep explanation, a Laibcoms is the aggregate of all things. In a laibcoms time is an essential part. Then there are the dimensions, plane, and parallels. These three forms the "Cube of Reality", imagine it like this: a dimension is the width of a cube, a plane is the length of the cube, and the parallel is the height of the cube. You will get a 'sliced' cube. Each little cube has countless multiverses in it and each multiverse has countless of universes in it. Now if you go further, each universe has countless of galaxies in it, then each galaxies has countless of stars in it, and so on.

Apply that as a name and Laibcomsal Boards means for everything and anything. And again in "simplest" terms though not exact and is far from the actual meaning, a "Universal Forum".

Come join our forums at Laibcomsal Boards. Registration is free, and let me say this early, "English Only" until you get enough supporters for your language :)

Oh, it's an international forum, again "Laibcomsal Boards" so please respect the other people and use English at all times.

See ya there!

Laibcomsal Boards


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