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GM-Yukino / GM-Xue New Blog
GM-Yukino's or GM-Xue's new blog is now located at https://gameshogun.xyz.

Updated and upcoming
Updated, removed dead links and now useless third-party features.
Added an ESBN code (with barcode!! look down way below) as well as a Google Map version of the popular "Member Map" feature. Enjoy and don't forget to add yourself!!
Oh, GameMaster is now part of the "gameshogun" blog network.

Have to go home now, tired, actually, will try to go home since Makati City is currently under heavy military survellaince and control coz of the "State of Emergency".

I just recently launched "gameshogun", a new blog of mine that will concentrate on with the current events and news around the world and the wired-net in the perspective of a gamer like me.

While updating links from my other sites and posting the news as well, I came across the link of this blog "GameMaster" and well followed it. I saw the shoutbox comments and all I can say is, thank you to all who are loyal to this blog even though I've ignored this blog since late 2004.

As a thank you, I will post here once more, though I will not update the skin and formatting (as I'm busy these days) and secondly, many of you like the theme/skin of this blog so why change it? Of course I will do minor changes here and there especially the links and other now defunct third-party features sometime this week or next week ^^ watch out for it.

Thank you once again all, and don't forget to regularly read "gameshogun" as well which you can find either of these two links:



Gamers' Choice Award: 2004 MMOG/MOG of the Year
Deadline for voting is on the 30th of December at exactly 11:59pm.

Awarding will be at: SM Megatrade Hall 1 & 2 on January 9, 2005 Sunday, at the afternoon. Courtesy of WeAreAnime, Omake Omake News, and of course the convention organizers MMOG Philippines, Inc. - Games & Gadgets Show or G2 Show - January 7~9.

Don't let this once-a-year chance to pass-by without you voting for who you think deserves to bagged the highly desired "Gamers' Choice Award: 2004 MMOG/MOG of the Year".

Full instructions on how to vote here: http://philgaming.com/index.php/news/292

Pass it on!!!

blogging and work
now i have time to blog again, and from hereon, i'll make it a habit to spend a dedicated time to blogging. a lot has changed since I last posted here and well for the most, it's for good. problems are there, it's part of life and those are the things that we must conquer in order to be successful in life. face the problems and maintain a positive outlook in life.

there are of course people who wants to pull you down - crab-mentality, why are filipinoes like that? but it's their problem not mine, for me, concentrate on my career and life and move on. if they don't want to face me and tell every problem they have about it, it's their lost not mine.

in our company everything is very good, and the gaming community in general is doing good. more online games popping out here and there and western online games are starting to invade our market which is currently dominated by the Korean games (not counting FairyLand since it's Taiwanese).

Changed my name as well, now as Xue XIE, now GM'ing at Gunbound Philippine Service and is the admin at the Mobius Forums. Something they should've have given me back at my old employer but they don't trust someone who knows the inside-outs of Invision Power Board.

the GM layout is almost a year old, it's time to create a new one. I'm going to start looking for a good design, an inspiration, or probably create my own. I haven't created my own theme for more than a year already (coz of lack-of-time for the most part).

i heard someone asked "love life", my love life? well, it's very FUN. oh definitely, challenging and a very good experience. things I must learn, finally I learned them, people DO CHANGE and when they do, it's always for the better. now I'm engaged, going to get married next year or the year after that. at the present, we're concentrating on some pressing matters and of course the business we are laying down.

oh talk about promotion, maybe on 2005, it's still not the proper time to make an announcement. but cars? ooh yes, going to buy my first car, second-hand only, I'm not into cars, i'll just buy one out-of-necessity, not for 'pormas'.

i guess that's it for now, i'm freezing here at vitro... our office is doing a network maintenance so we have to stay here in front of the game servers... ooohh, did I mentioned that level-up is just around the corner? hehehe... old pRO, I miss it, too many games, I love World of Warcraft and of course GUILD WARS (the game that is)

Good Morning and God Bless to all.
(preparing to go to church)

Cosplay, Convention, Miss Beauty Pageant, World Tournament, and MORE!!!
November 6, 2004 Saturday @ Market Market Bonifacio Global City, ENTRANCE IS FOR FREE!!!

Prizes to be given away
Nokia N-Gage
cold hard cash to mention a few (or is that a few?)

Join the Cosplay, open for all categories except other MMOGs other than Mu Online and GunBound.

Get the chance to see the SNEAK PREVIEW of GUNBOUND PHILIPPINES!!!


CHEER UP for the guild of your choice who may win a trip to Korea for FREE to represent the Philippines in the world Battle Soccer Tournament!!!

And of course Miss Mu Philippines who will be featured in zines and official Mu model.

Come now, call your friends, no cost at all for participating FULLY AIRCONDITIONED!!!!!!!!

What happened?
I was not blogging because I am busy with well work "and" life. In addition to that, the guild I founded (BEFORE I GMed) is at a high-pace and I am leading it so I must not slow down else everybody is affected.

So here, I have a new entry in my blog and that is dedicated to the fans and posters at the tag-board.

First off, I am no longer a GM of pRO and neither am I working at Level-Up, Inc. I left the game and the company last 6th May, 2004 (which I will never forget as my life and love life went down as well [see, I'm a human like you guys]). I now work at a different company, a better one, far better to be exact.

But the game? I will tell you, I'm not that excited with Mu Online, and why? That's because it is still at the very early stages of development. Guess what?! Mu Online will ROcK the world, as the song says "We will, We will ROcK mU". Mu Online has lots of stuff in-store for YOU and you should just play and you will see for yourself. As much as I want to tell you guys, I can not for we want this to be a surprise to our competitors and all of you players and fans of Mu or not.

One thing, Mu Online Philippines or Mu-PH (NOT MOP - well we can use MOP as well like this: We will MOP all competitions !!), will be way advance than any other Mu franchise in the world. You will see things at Mu-PH months before you see it at the other franchisees. Can your game do just that? I doubt, as I and a lot of people will testify, most localized games are way too late in the updates.

Last but not the least, again, I am reiterating, I can not help you if you contact me privately, here in the GM-Blog. My own guild, they are NOT getting that treatment. I am pro-EQUALITY. This is my WORK, nothing personal, no special treatments, my own account doesn't even get special treatment !! My account was BANNED before! I do hope this is very clear.

I will only respond in-game and at the Official Mu-PH Boards. Of course I will also respond at PGC or the Philippine Gaming Community's Mu Online Philippine Boards (http://Laibcoms.com/pgc/. I will not reply in any other boards unless they can give me a special status or logo to "officially" distinguished me from the rest of the forum members. This way they will know I am an official GM.

Thus if you need help for Mu-PH, ask your question at the Philippine Gaming Community, in-game, or at the upcoming Official Mu-PH Boards.

Thank you and enjoy everyone!!!

Philippine Gaming Community
You are invited to join the "Philippine Gaming Community" or "PGC".


It is for FREE.

What PGC offer is a Gaming Community for all Filipino who played any type and kinds of games and to all non-Filipinoes who are living in the Philippines. PGC was created by yours truly together with my colleagues to serve the Philippine Gamers and Filipino Gamers. PGC is not owned by any companies and as such is not bias to one company or game.

The Philippine Gaming Community offers lots of features and slowly more features are added to make YOUR PGC eXPerience memorable and unforgettable.

Please join and start communicating and collaborating with your fellow gamers here in the Philippines and abroad!

http://Laibcoms.com/pgc/ - Philippine Gaming Community (PGC)

Want to send an SMS to me?
Now's your chance! (open for Globe Suscribers atm [at the moment])

Follow these simple steps:

I. Register for the service (costs PhP 2.50 for Prepaid users)
1) type: c_reg_ (without < > ) and send to 2323

II. Setup your account
2) type: c_set_a_s_id (without < > ) and send to 2323

III. Send me a message:
3) type: to [space] xiaxue [space] (without [ ], < >, and the word space) and send to 2323.

I will receive your message and I will reply if i can.

I'll be waiting!


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